Discover the key to reducing burnout, happier business owners and more fulfilled staff

Key Motivators

Key Motivators Certification

The valuable insight I have gained through years of study in leadership development and organizational change has inspired me to create a powerful tool that will help you understand what your team really need to remain happy, engaged and fulfilled in the workplace.

Now is the time to act

We are experiencing a generation of incredibly unhappy workers that are barely able to stomach staying with their current employer.

Research from insurer Allianz Australia shows that, ‘Job satisfaction has plummeted as 42 percent of Aussies are experiencing fatigue and burnout, while 34 per cent have been hit by increased work loads due to staff shortages and a failure to replace lost employees.

Increased work loads
Fatigue and Burnout

What you’ll take away from this certification

  • Learn to effectively weave company values and standards into your daily team engagement that will support meaningful relationships, improve staff retention and prevent burnout.
  • Understand what team members wants and need to feel valued and perform at their best every day. This includes 6 months access to the new GRx peer-to-peer recognition tool and web app that will help you establish your team’s individual key motivators and guarantee results.
  • How to use acknowledgment, recognition, and praise to enhance positive work relationships and transform difficult ones.
  • Become officially certified as a GRx Key Motivators Facilitator so you can better understand, interpret and communicate the benefits of the algorithm reporting so you can motivate your team to achieve.

Jade Scott

Jade with key motivators icon

Leadership Coach and Founder & CEO of GrowthRx

I am a Leadership Coach and Founder & CEO of GrowthRx, a consulting and education company that designs and implements customised professional development, leadership services and courses to organisations and individuals.

Why am I so passionate about understanding motivators?

As Simon Sinek says, "When we are clear on our 'why,' we can inspire others to follow us." Knowing the motivators of your staff is crucial for success because it helps you understand the "why" behind their actions and allows you to create a work environment that aligns with their values and drives.

Jade with key motivators icon

This webinar will expand your capacity to connect with, and motivate your team to achieve.

By helping to understand what makes your staff feel valued and where their priorities lie, business owners can also reduce the relentless responsibility of trying to keep everyone happy in the workplace.

A brave leader increases safety and inclusion by creating an environment for teams to thrive, the only way to do this is to stop making assumption of what people want and instead, ask with curiosity and listen without judgment.

Who should enroll?

This certification course is designed for clinic owners, team leaders, practice managers, and business coaches looking to get the most out of the Key Motivators tool.

Through open discussion, case studies and valuable break-out groups, you will learn how to interpret data and have conversations that inspire more engaged teams, happier employees and better workplaces.

By improving your knowledge of the business dashboard, you will gain powerful insights that will help you to communicate better with your clients and team.

  • Explore which key motivators are most relevant when it comes to recruitment
  • Discover which key motivators are crucial for staff retention, long-term commitment and extended tenure
  • Learn which key motivators pose the highest risk when it comes to poor staff engagement and productivity

Your Enrollment Includes

KM Webinar Recording

Certification Course

GrowthRx Certificate

Business Dashboard Access + Startup Plan ($462 in value)

Access to industry data through blogs and regular touch point with Jade

Walk away with greater confidence, ready to ignite positive change and ensure your team remain engaged, happy and full filled.

Unlock the power of the GRx Key Motivators Tool and make communicating for impact your superpower.

It’s time to stop focusing on outdated models to inspire high performing teams and instead, use staff valued to motivate them to achieve, create a culture of inclusion and ensure people feel valued and supported.

Don’t waste your time on recruitment when your priority should be on retaining great staff.

Key Motivators

What to expect

  • Industry data highlighting the importance of knowing what motivates employees
  • Up to date research on how to motivate and lead actively engaged teams
  • Open group discussions with like-minded, reputable clinic owners, team leaders and business coaches
  • Exclusive worksheets and downloadable resources to help you implement the Key Motivator tool in your workplace